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Vivianne V. Wesley

Vivianne makes your experience with Kriebel Dental and in Costa Rica the BEST!

Fluent in English and Spanish, Vivianne will help you to have the best possible dental, travel, and tourism experience. Along with your doctors, Vivianne follows through to ensure that Kriebel dental patients receive the very best care and attention. She is from the United States and has dual citizenship in Costa Rica. After completing her teaching degree in Costa Rica, she opted to join Kriebel Dental as the Director of Dental Tourism. 

Working alongside all of the doctors, Vivianne coordinates all communications and works with you to begin the treatment plan process.  From your first inquiry to after treatment, you can count with Vivianne to respond. She will always take the time needed to fully understand your needs, preferences, and budgetary concerns.  By the way, this applies to both your treatment plan and travel options.  She looks forward to guiding you for an exceptional dental and travel experience.

Either in person or by texts, e-mails, or on the ‘phone, Vivianne is glad to help you with suggestions for where to visit; what to see and do; and where to shop and eat; while you’re in Costa Rica.  Ask her about transportation options or touring options for half-day and full-day tours in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a beautiful place and we want you to experience it! She’ll help you to arrange for an amazing adventure or to just lay back while you’re in Costa Rica.   It’s what we do for family when they come!

By the way, Vivianne will arrange for your airport pickup by sending our chauffeur for you and your travel companion. Should you need to stay longer than originally planned, Vivianne can assist you with rescheduling your flights. She’s experienced facilitating with airlines. Most often she will be able to change your reservations without airline penalties or fees.