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Our Lab

At Kriebel Dental, our laboratory is in our office, not across town. 

This is important to us and to you.  Why?  Because having our lab at our office guarantees quality, speed, and lower-cost efficiencyKriebel Dental is one of only a very few dental clinics in Costa Rica with an on-site laboratory.

An on-site dental laboratory means that not only are dental restorations delivered faster, but they are better, too.  Every crown, bridge, and implant that we provide to Kriebel patients is always carefully crafted to perfection.  We prepare them with the latest technology and the highest quality dental materials in the world.

In fact, you might be interested to know that Kriebel Dental is consulted by implant companies in Costa Rica such as Zimmer Biomet, Straumann® Ceramic Implant Systems and BioHorizons. We want you to be aware that, unfortunately, some dental practices are able to cut costs by preparing dental restorations in outside labs.  In so doing, it’s nearly impossible to assure the quality of either materials or professionalism since some labs employ students. 

At Kriebel Dental, it’s a big priority to maintain strict quality control.  This is why we also have our own, on-site, CT scan machineKriebel doctors only work with high quality digital impressions.  It’s our way to show you that not only do we care about your convenience, but also just how important quality care and safety is at Kriebel Dental.  In fact, you’ll be glad to know that Kriebel Dental’s quality standards are probably the highest in Costa Rica.

This has a lot to do with the fact that Dr. Mariano himself personally and meticulously crafts and supervises each dental restoration.  Dr. Mariano is always intently monitoring the lab to assure that every meets his own very high standards for quality form and color before it’s delivered to Kriebel patients. This is also the reason why Kriebel Dental patients are often amazed at the comfort and perfection of their crown, bridge, or implant. The care and attention to detail that goes into preparing each dental restoration is what leads to you having a perfect smile.  Our promise to you is to make you(r) smile.

The Kriebel on-site laboratory and CTScanner help to guarantee a safe completion of Kriebel’s treatment plan with the best outcomes, leading to your satisfaction.  For Kriebel, your satisfaction is our goal 100% of the time.