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Kriebel Dental today is where father (Dr. Ricardo) and son (Dr. Mariano) join together to care for both Costa Rican and international patients at the Kriebel Dental Clinic in San José. Kriebel Dental is one of the leading Dental Tourism practices in Costa Rica, complete with a team of specialists and an International Patient Coordinator.  Our International Patient Coordinator will assist you with every part of your treatment and trip. The doctors and International Patient Coordinator all speak fluent and perfect English.

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Fourth generation in Costa Rica

Carrying on four generations of international study in the United States, Dr. Mariano Kriebel Haehner is a Doctor of Dental Surgery specializing in Prosthodontics with advanced training in restorative and implant dentistry. During his 3 year residency program, Dr. Mariano Kriebel earned his Master of Science degree at The Ohio State University in the U.S.A. In addition to his advanced training in prosthodontics, he also completed an additional year of training in implant dentistry. While at The Ohio State University, Dr. Mariano Kriebel was named Chief Resident. He served as a clinical and pre-clinical instructor and faculty member at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Mariano is recognized in Costa Rica as one of the leading prosthodontists in Costa Rica. Given Dr. Mariano’s extensive experience in restorative cosmetic dentistry along with his natural clinical teaching skills, he is often called as a lecturer and speaker at national and international seminars or conferences. 

Dr. Mariano’s careful hand and keen attention to patients makes him a favorite among our patients. He has remarkable experience treating former cancer patients who need cosmetic dental care after treatment for oral cancers.  Dr. Mariano’s dedication is apparent not only in his treatment and care, but also in our in-office lab. When he is not treating patients, he is in our on-site lab where he personally and meticulously crafts each piece to meet his own very high standards for quality form and color. Kriebel Dental is focused on quality patient care.

Third generation in Costa Rica

Continuing the Kriebel tradition, Dr. Ricardo Kriebel Coronado received his dental training in the United States.  He is a Doctor of Dental Surgery specializing in Prosthodontics. He earned his Master of Science degree after completing a three year Residency Program at The University of Indiana in the U.S.A. After graduating, Dr. Ricardo returned to Costa Rica to practice cosmetic and general dentistry.  He quickly became a recognized leader in prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica. 

With a lifetime dedicated to prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Ricardo is recognized for his extensive experience in both complex and simple restorative cosmetic dentistry.  There are thousands of crowns and bridges in his portfolio. 

Dr. Ricardo Kriebel practices at Kriebel Dental Clinic. Kriebel Dental is known for its attention to patients and quality prosthodontic dental care. The Kriebel Dental Clinic specializes in restorative, implant, and cosmetic dentistry; oral surgery; and endodontic procedures. This includes dental implants, crowns, veneers, all–on-4/6, and full mouth reconstructions. Kriebel Dental Clinic is located on the north side of La Sabana Park, in San José, Costa Rica.

Dr. Ricardo’s warm manner combined with his professionalism are just some of the reasons why his schedule is filled with returning patients.  Dr. Ricardo’s patients are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation patients of the families he’s cared for over a lifetime of service. More often than not getting healthcare can be a hurried, in-and-out experience; but not a Kriebel Clinic. At Kriebel Dental, our doctors, our International Patient Coordinator, and every member of our staff; are determined that you receive as much time as you need.

Second Generation Costa Rica

Dr. Ricardo Kriebel Coronado’s father was Dr. Ricardo Kriebel Rodriguez.  As one of the first Costa Rican doctors of dentistry to study in the United States, Dr. Kriebel Rodriquez set new, higher standards for all Costa Rican dental practices.  With life-long dedication, Dr. Kriebel Rodriquez founded the first modern dental clinic in San José to serve the greater community. 

He graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois as a Doctor of Dental Surgery.  At that time, he was one of very few dentists in Costa Rica who was an honorary member of the American Dental Association (ADA). He was internationally recognized for his excellence by being awarded membership to the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Dental Society.  The OKU Honor Society continues to represent the highest standards of dentistry which includes the highest ideals of ethics and scholarship. Even today, this is a prestigious honor in the ever-changing landscape of oral health and dental practice.

First Generation Costa Rica

Ending our story at the beginning, the Costa Rican chapters of the Kriebel Dental Clinic began with Dr. Ricardo Kriebel Staats. He left behind his father’s dental practiced in Dusseldorf, Germany and immigrated to Costa Rica in 1894.  Perhaps he was looking for adventure in the tropics; we don’t know.  We do know he found a paradise country in Costa Rica. Upon arrival, he was quickly welcomed. He quickly became one of the most trusted and professional dentists in Costa Rica. 

In Costa Rica, the name Kriebel has a long community association with dentistry. Along with his father, Dr. Mariano Kriebel is carrying on a dental practice that represents strong traditions founded on generations of quality care and professional ethics that began over 125 years ago.  Our Promise is (and has always been) your satisfaction.  We look forward to caring for you and making you smile.