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The International Patient Coordinator is our dedicated staff member whose role is just to help you!  At Kriebel Dental we show our dedication to patients even before they become our patients.  How? We have a full-time staff member who is our concierge (just like at 5 🌟 star hotels). 

We are happy to introduce you to Vivianne Wesley, Kriebel Dental’s Director of International Patient & Dental Tourism.  Whatever your questions are about us, your treatment plan, your trip details, your vacation options or about Costa RicaASK Vivianne!

Give her a call or send an e-mail, Vivianne will be glad to hear from you.

By the way, if you can’t find reviews about Kriebel Dental by former patients, ask Vivianne.  She can guide you with suggestions about where or how to find them.

Why is having your own Patient Coordinator important?

Patients are like family at Kriebel Dental. When we say “full service trip” we don’t just mean your dental care.  As Kriebel Dental’s patient concierge, Vivianne is will answer all your questions and help you to plan your time in Costa Rica –even before you get here! 

Before you arrive to Kriebel Dental, Vivianne will help you to send us your information and photos. Dr. Mariano will study your case and prepare your treatment plan. Then, Vivianne will send it and arrange to follow up with you. She and Dr. Kriebel will be ready to clarify any points about treatment or your travel. 

As you finalize your treatment plan, it’s a good time to start planning your trip.  Vivianne has arranged for special discounts at lodging venues for Kriebel Dental patients.  They are safe, clean and convenient.  All lodging options provide special prices to Kriebel Dental Clinic & and are all within 5-10 minute walking distance from the clinic.

Travel, Tours, & Fun!  What’s there to do?

So glad you’re asking!  Vivianne can make suggestions according to your interests and help you coordinate for your time not in our office!  Ask her about transportation options or touring options for half-day or full-day tours in Costa Rica. We’ll help you to escape on an adventure or to just lay back while you’re in Costa Rica.  

Costa Rica is a beautiful place and we want to share it with you! Vivianne is delighted to provide assistance and tips during your stay. By the time we pick you up at the airport –we send our chauffeur for you and your travel companion(s),– you feel like visiting family.

By the way, if you need to stay longer, Vivianne can assist you with rescheduling your flights. She’s experienced facilitating with airlines. Most often she will be able to change your reservations without airline penalties or fees.

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