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Dental Care & Tourism Are S A F E In Costa Rica

Dental Care that’s Safe & Save$

Are you wondering about dental care or a vacation in Costa Rica?

Good! The truth is that Costa Rica is an excellent option for dental care and vacations. What’s more, getting your dental care in Costa Rica can save you money.  From routine care to restorative and cosmetic procedures, costs in Costa Rica can be at least half of U.S. costs. This is exciting and motivating news for anyone. Another super motivator is that this tropical country is just a short flight from the U.S. Costa Rica has become an amazing and chic tourism destination that some people call “paradise.” We hope you will, too.

This article responds to some frequently asked questions. After each response, there is a second response in ( ) from Kriebel Dental. Here we will explain how Kriebel Dental steps up to assist and facilitate. I hope you find answers for some of the things you are wondering about as you read. At Kriebel Dental we’ve noticed that patient travelers planning their dental vacation trips to Costa Rica have similar questions. Maybe you have been wondering about these as well.

As you read, you will find descriptions of Costa Rica as a travel destination. Be sure to check out the links in the text. They reveal many popular ecotourism hotspots in Costa Rica with awesome photos. Costa Rica is a popular destination and for good, healthy reasons. The increasing number of visitors vacationing in Costa Rica is the best indicator. It boils down to fabulous and fun vacation experiences. Importantly, the Costa Rican Ministry of Tourism reports a steady increase in visitors coming specifically for dental care. In fact, Costa Rica is one of the most preferred dental care destinations for U.S. and Canadian visitors.

Costa Rica is Safe for Tourism

Apart from first class dental care, Costa Rica is the trending destination for tropical vacations. In fact, Costa Rica was recently ranked #1 in Condé Nast Traveler’s listing of the world’s 40 most beautiful countries! It’s easy to see why Costa Rica has become a leading destination for dental and medical tourism. At Kriebel Dental we’ve noticed that patient travelers planning their dental vacation trips to Costa Rica have similar questions. Maybe you have been wondering about these as well.

See a tropical toucan in Costa Rica on your dental care and tourism trip
Sights to see in Costa Rica © Flickr/OSUEHA

Dental Tourism:
Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Dental Tourism“?

This is a very important first question. The Medical Tourism Association explains that “Medical and Dental Tourism” is international travel for a dental or medical care objective.  It is a “two-for” kind of travel. 

Usually, this kind of tourism involves three things. First, travel to a foreign country. Second, instead of vacation, the primary purpose for travel is to get dental or other healthcare.  And third, taking a vacation in another country is third. Dental tourism lets you take advantage of travel for all three. In many places, including Cost Rica, quality care compares to (and is sometimes more attentive than) healthcare at home. However, the BIG bonuses are BIG SAVING$ while also traveling to explore the world.

What’s an “International Patient Coordinator“?

Vacationer's suitcase and airplane flying around the globe for dental care in Costa Rica
Safe Dental Care & Tourism in Costa Rica
© Flickr/Phuket Word

The International Patient Coordinator is a  highly talented and very valuable friend for you.  Simply put, this is the bilingual staff member who is dedicated to helping you every step of the way. S/he facilitates your treatment, travel, and tourism. 

(At Kriebel Dental clinic our International Patient Coordinator is a full-time staff member who is always on call.  We are happy to introduce you to Vivianne Wesley. As the Director of International Patient Services, Vivianne is our “concierge.” We believe she is essential to Kriebel Dental. Her work demonstrates our commitment to helping people even before they become our patients. Whatever questions you may have about us, your treatment plan, or about Costa RicaASK Vivianne! She will be glad to hear from you.)

Dental care tourists enjoying a walking along a tropical ocean beach in Costa Rica
Relax and explore between dental appointments
© Flickr/Richard Jack

Are dental care & health services safe?

Dental care in Costa Rica is absolutely safe! In fact, Costa Rica is safe for your care and for your tourism. Costa Rica is a peace-loving and tranquil country with a progressive democratic government. Costa Rica is proud of its neutrality and stability.  Culturally, the country reflects a universal genuine goodwill combined with a cultural distaste for conflict.

Additionally, many prosthodontists and cosmetic dental surgeons are graduates of front-line medical institutions in the U.S. or Europe. As a possible consequence, Costa Rica adheres to the highest healthcare standards.

(All of the specialists at Kriebel Dental graduated and trained at medical schools in the United States and/or Europe. We are delighted to introduce you to the outstanding specialists who form the Kriebel Dental team. Each doctor is highly skilled with remarkable professional achievements. Read their individual profiles by clicking on “View More” in Our Specialists.)

What about dental care procedure prices?

When you compare the treatment costs between the U.S. & Costa Rica, you will find big differences.  For the most part, dental tourism patients in Costa Rica save as much as 75% for some procedures. Studies by the (U.S.) Medical Tourism Association show amazing savings. Usually, quality dental care in Costa Rica is between 30-50% of what the same procedure can cost in the U.S.

 (At Kriebel Dental we are transparent. We have been for generations. Our pricing is competitive, but not rock bottom.  Prices reflect the quality of our dental care and the dedicated attention given by our team of specialists.  You can always count with a personalized treatment plan, quality materials and an absolute guarantee in our Kriebel Promise.)

Keep in mind, like anywhere these days, “cheaper” does not equal “better.” It’s important to remember that low prices can indicate sub-quality materials or treatment shortcuts. “Cheaper” is frequently a sign of narrow guarantees and limited transparency. 

Black Board on a desk with "Save Money" by getting Dental Care with Kriebel Dental in Costa Rica
Get a new smile and SAVE MONEY at Kriebel Dental in Costa Rica
© Flickr/GotCredit

Is there anything else to consider besides prices?

Yes!  In our experience, there are definitely 7 things you need to consider carefully. After all, it’s YOUR SMILE we’re talking about! 

  • A full-time International Patient Coordinator who makes you feel comfortable and secure. It is also important that this person responds promptly with the information you need.
  • The timely availability of doctors. Your doctors need to be available for consultations and to relieve either anxiety or discomforts.
  • An in-office lab & CT Scanner with dedicated technicians. Having this technology in the office demonstrates a higher level of quality assurance. It also means faster treatment for you, leaving more time to vacation and explore Costa Rica!
  • Insist on the highest quality materials. It’s an area you must feel confident about. Cheaper materials for your restoration can impact your well-being.
  • Look for demonstrated commitment to attentive care. You should expect prompt responses, pampered care, and follow-ups between appointments.  (“Demonstrated commitment” means actions & services, not just words.)
  • Check the overall transparency and guarantees. Pay attention to these because they indicate the professional integrity, commitment, and confidence of any healthcare provider.
  • Last, but not least, check the reviews given by former patients.

(The doctors and International Patient Coordinator at Kriebel Dental are always available when you need them, even after “regular” hours.  We believe that quality care is around the clock. Our on-site lab and CT Scanner mean Kriebel Dental is not dependent on skills or availability of “across-town labs or technicians.” This makes us better and faster. From treatment to touring, our patients are our extended family. We’re looking out for you.  Finally, our Kriebel Promise of 100% satisfaction has demonstrated our commitment and confidence for generations.)

Kriebel Dental Promise: 100% satisfaction for quality dental care

Is traveling around Costa Rica safe for seniors and families?

You bet! Costa Rica is safe for families, women traveling alone, and retirees.  Nonetheless, please keep with safe travel practices; avoid flashing your cash or leaving your things unattended. Above all, don’t leave your common sense at home.

(Kriebel’s International Patient Coordinator will guide you with travel advice.  Vivianne will arrange for your round-trip airport travel.  She’s happy to suggest destinations and help you coordinate in-country transportation and tours.  She has excellent tips for exploring San José and for traveling safely all around Costa Rica. If you ask, she can also help you arrange for a private driver. This allows you to ride, relax, and take in the sights along the way.)

See a beautiful tropical butterfly while traveling for dental care in Costa Rica
© Flickr/khteWisconsin

What if you don’t speak Spanish?

That’s okay!  While you’re in Costa Rica it’s great if you speak Spanish, but don’t worry if you don’t! You’ll meet many English-speaking people and tour guides in Costa Rica. 

Vivianne and all of the doctors at Kriebel Clinic speak fluent English. We also understand a little French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

What about the water?

It’s generally safe to drink tap water in Costa Rica. Likewise, you can buy bottled water everywhere. Be sure to try delicious, natural fruit drinks. The important thing is to stay hydrated.

A glass of pure Costa Rican water
Pure spring-fresh water is safe in Costa Rica
© Flickr/Jeanne Menjoulet

What if you have an emergency while traveling in Costa Rica?

There’s no reason to expect an emergency. Nonetheless, it is reassuring to know that Costa Rica has several state-of-the-art hospitals in San José.  Two of these, Hospital CIMA and La Biblica Hospital, are approved by the Joint Commission International (JCI)l. The JCI accreditation is a world class standard that indicates these hospitals meet U.S. standards in health care.

CIMA Medical Center in San Jose, Costa Rica Internationally JCI approved
CIMA Medical Center, San José, Costa Rica * JCI Approved
© Flickr/ cynthia bullock

It’s important that you choose a host provider with a dedicated International Patient Coordinator and that they both speak fluent English. 

(If you or your travel companion are traveling and suddenly need healthcare assistance, Kriebel Dental is here for you. We’ll facilitate every way we can. By the way, if you need to stay longer, we can help to reschedule your flights. Vivianne facilitates with airlines and can usually change reservations without penalties or fees.)

What about medications?

It’s best to bring the amount of medicines you’re going to need (and some extra) with you when you travel. However, be assured that it’s possible to get most medications in Costa Rica. This is also true for medicines that require a prescription in the U.S. Costa Rican pharmacies are stocked; some are open 24-7.  Each pharmacy has a pharmacist onsite.  Each pharmacy has a pharmacist onsite.  Incidentally, pharmacists in Costa Rica have the title of “Doctor” due to their extensive training. They make careful recommendations for free, so consult with them!

(At Kriebel Dental, our International Patient Coordinator will be glad to facilitate if and when you need it.)

Tourism in Costa Rica &
Dental Care with Kriebel Dental are Smart Choices

We said it before, but it’s worth saying again: Costa Rica is safe for your dental care and tourism. Plan a dental care – tourism trip to Costa Rica and save a lot of money while vacationing in the tropics. Kriebel Dental is one of the best dental care practices in Costa Rica.  It’s been that way for generations.

Kriebel patients are satisfied with their new smiles and the attention they receive.  We encourage you to read reviews from Kriebel Dental patients. Many of our new patients are recommended by former patients of Kriebel Dental. 

We hope you’ve found answers to some questions, but if we’ve missed anything, contact us today.   

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Kriebel Dental is in North Sabana Towers in front of Sabana Park,
San José, Costa Rica

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