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With U.S.-trained doctors and surgeons, Kriebel is the best-choice dental clinic in Costa Rica for safety and quality. Be sure to read our patient testimonials and then contact Kriebel Dental Costa Rica today about your care.

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Your care:

We treat each patient individually and listen to your concerns. Then, our next step is to prepare your personal (free) treatment plan. Your treatment plan is done for you at no charge and without any obligation to you. Together, we will achieve your smile goals and satisfaction.  Kriebel Dental is safe, with a patient satisfaction guarantee.

Traveling to Costa Rica:

For dental tourism, Costa Rica is a safe, popular, world-class place for dental care. While it depends on where you are, coming to Costa Rica is a relatively short trip. Direct flights are generally available, and we will help you with travel tips. Our driver picks you up when you arrive (and takes you back to the airport when it’s time). Likewise, we’ll help you reserve safe, affordable stay near our office. (Special rates for Kriebel patients and guests have already been arranged.) By the way, Kriebel Dental overlooks Sabana Park and the Costa Rican National Stadium. (Sabana Park is San Jose’s version of New York’s Central Park.)

Kriebel doctors and lab:

At Kriebel Dental, the doctors are trained in the U.S. or Europe; however, we do not charge U.S. healthcare prices.  The Kriebel lab is in the clinic. This is important. Having our lab on site, means higher quality pieces (implants, crowns, etc.) for you with perfect coloring at lower costs. Unlike many other dental clinics, Kriebel does not cut costs (or quality) by sending lab work to outside labs.

Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a peaceful and climate responsible country. In fact, in 2019 it was honored as the United Nation’s Champion of the Earth. The air is clean, the water is safe and spring-pure everywhere, and ecological conservation is important in Costa Rica. In fact, Condé Nast Traveler rates Costa Rica as one of the world’s 40 most beautiful countries and it has become one of the most popular ecotourism destinations on the planet.

When we talk with you, we’ll explain what information we need to prepare your personal treatment plan. From the start, Kriebel doctors and staff take the time to thoughtfully understand and evaluate your condition. Then, we carefully recommend the treatment plan that is specific and best for you.  

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