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6 Benefits of Treatment at Kriebel Dental

We’d like to introduce you to several Kriebel Dental patients. These are their before-and-after pictures. There’s a huge difference between “before” and “after,” right?

Of course, the obvious and drastic improvement in their appearance is especially important. Like these patients, you will also have a sparkling smile and much more after your treatment at Kriebel Dental.

While the “after” images certainly show an attractive smile; there are some other vital benefits for you to think about. The benefits of a flashy smile are not limited to pretty and cosmetic. The “much more” refers to the wellness advantages that result from a healthy smile. These strengthen both your physical and mental health. Truly, your treatment at Kriebel Dental will put you firmly on the road to overall wellness and better health.

5 More Benefits Besides A New Smile

We include this page in our website because it’s essential for you to notice some other details beyond the prettiness. First, when we treat your teeth, we also check your gums. Healthy gums are critical to your overall health as well as to your smile.  Second, we identify which teeth are still healthy and can be saved. Your treatment plan may include (or you can request) additional therapies to improve the coloration of your natural teeth.

Next, precise instructions to make each piece (new tooth) are then sent down the hall to Kriebel’s in-clinic lab. That Kriebel’s lab is just down the hall is a third benefit to you. Every piece is carefully crafted in our lab under Dr. Mariano Kriebel’s critical supervision. Because the lab is in our office (not outsourced or across town), this part your treatment is fast and perfect. At Kriebel Dental, your doctors and technicians are satisfied only when each piece (tooth) looks natural. You should feel the same.

Fourth, we’d like to point out the changes in coloration of the teeth in the “after” pictures. Can you tell the difference between the saved natural teeth and the new cosmetic teeth? No? Good! That’s an inspiring outcome you can count on from Kriebel Dental care. Remember the Kriebel Promise.

Finally, a note about coloration.  Observe that natural teeth are not all one color. Teeth are slightly yellow at the top and the rest of the tooth is really a mixture of colors. The truth is natural looking teeth are really a blend of blues, greens, yellows, and whites. You might even call it a work of art!

A Gift You Give Yourself

As you can see in the “after” photos, each patient’s smile is completely customized and hand-crafted.  Lab work requires an ever-present eye to form and color, and to be honest, an artistic touch. You can’t see the colors, of course. Precision crafting is key to naturally beautiful smiles.

Your new smile will be uniquely and naturally yours forever.  Along with a new smile comes healthier gums, strong teeth, better eating, and a more positive self-image. Make the decision and contact Kriebel Dental today. It’s a gift you give yourself.

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