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Tratamientos dentales con el mayor nivel de excelencia

Tratamientos dentales con el mayor nivel de excelencia La Clínica Kriebel Dental se fundó en 1894, con el fin de ofrecer un servicio de alta calidad, con el mayor sentido de responsabilidad, innovación y cariño para nuestros pacientes.

Una historia de éxito

Ubicación estratégica:

La Clínica Kriebel Dental se ubica en La Sabana, muy cerca de los principales aeropuertos de Costa Rica, así como de atracciones turísticas y hoteles.

Preparación profesional:

Los especialistas de Kriebel Dental se graduaron en las más reconocidas universidades de Costa Rica y Estados Unidos.

Acreditaciones internacionales:

Kriebel Dental posee certificaciones de la más alta calidad, y está acreditada por la American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, que certifica la calidad de las clínicas dentales de los Estados Unidos.

Servicios dentales:

Somos expertos en: Odontología Cosmética, Odontología Restaurativa (Prostodoncia), Rehabilitaciones Orales, Implantes Dentales, Tratamiento de nervio (Endodoncia), Tratamiento de Encía (Periodoncia) y Cirugía Oral.

Kriebel Dental está acreditada por las más
importantes organizaciones internacionales

Conozca a nuestros especialistas

Dr. Ricardo Kriebel

Especialista en Cirugía Dental y Prostodoncia
The University of Indiana, EE. UU.
Maestría en Ciencias y Odontología
Acreditado por el Colegio Americano de Prostodoncia (ACP)

Dr. Mariano Kriebel

Especialista en Cirugía Dental y Prostodoncia
The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, EE. UU.
Maestría en Ciencias y Odontología
Acreditado por el Colegio Americano de Prostodoncia (ACP)
Miembro de la Academia de Integración Osseo (AO)

Todos nuestros especialistas

Experimente un servicio responsable,
ético y con el mayor nivel de excelencia

Odontología Cosmética
Odontología Restaurativa (Prostodoncia)
Implantes Dentales
Tratamiento de nervio (Endodoncia)
Tratamiento de encía (Periodoncia)
Cirugía Oral

Implantes Dentales

Un implante dental es un dispositivo especialmente diseñado para ser colocado quirúrgicamente dentro o sobre el hueso mandibular o maxilar, con el fin de reemplazar dientes perdidos.

Más detalles

Tratamiento de encía (Periodoncia)

Especialidad que estudia la prevención, diagnóstico y tratamiento de las enfermedades y condiciones que afectan los tejidos que dan soporte a los dientes: encía, ligamento periodontal, cemento radicular y hueso alveolar.

Más detalles

Cirugía Oral

Especialización de la odontología que incluye el diagnóstico, la cirugía y el tratamiento de enfermedades, heridas y defectos que involucran tanto los aspectos funcionales como estéticos de los tejidos duros y suaves de la cavidad oral.

Más detalles
  • Hello All, if you're looking for a professional top notch dental experience, look no further. All the positive reviews you've read on here are true. I took a chance and made the trip from California, where I was having concerns regarding the quality of dental care available and the prices being charged. Per my dentist in California, I had 4 cavities and needed a crown. Dr. Kriebel's office is in a nice central location facing a park. It's immaculate and comfortable with state of the art equipment. Support staff were polite, courteous, and patient with my limited Spanish. Dr. Kriebel himself is a kind, gracious, dedicated, highly-trained dentist that values his multi-generational family practice and takes great pride in providing honorable and excellent patient care. I opted for a full set of mouth X-rays, after which I received a careful and thorough cleaning by the dental hygienist. This was followed by a complete examination and consultation by Dr. Kriebel at which time my X-rays were reviewed and discussed and all my questions and concerns were addressed to my complete satisfaction. After all was said and done, I was pleased to discover my teeth were in great shape and I didn't need any more work. That's right...no cavities, no crown, nada. So there you have it. I value integrity. I believe Dr. Kriebel is a person of integrity and that's why I was led to him. I received excellent care at a fair price considerably cheaper that in the US. I was treated with respect and not misled and deceived like I was by my dentist back in the US. I left feeling I had been well taken care of. I spent the next week travelling around the country-icing on the cake! Will I go back? Yes, in a heartbeat. Muchas Gracias to Dr. Kriebel and his staff.

  • We would like to recommend Dr. Mariano Kriebel of San Jose, Costa Rica, to anyone needing an excellent dentist. After learning we needed extensive dental work (6 crowns between us), we were fortunate to locate Dr. Kriebel on “Patients Without Borders” on the internet. He is a graduate of Ohio State University’s School of Dentistry and the fourth generation of dentists at Kriebel Dental Clinic. He is also a member of the American Dental Association, so he can provide the A.D.A procedure codes if you plan to file with your insurance company. He and his staff were friendly and accommodating, and they worked extremely quickly and efficiently. He is a perfectionist and even saved several teeth that most dentists would not have attempted to save (because insurance would not pay for the extra effort). Crowns need to be ground during the fitting process, and with their own onsite lab and manufacturing facility, they fire the crowns a second time in their kiln after fitting to reseal the surface from the grinding, and also to bond the custom tinting that they do, into the surface of the crown. And the out of pocket cost was a fraction of the cost in the United States. We could not be more impressed or satisfied with Dr. Kriebel’s skill level and dedication.

  • At Kriebel Dental the only that you can receive is efficiency, accuracy and excellent service. We traveled specifically from USA to their office to treat a relative and the performance of Dr. Mariano Kriebel was beyond our expectations. I highly recommend this clinic for any kind of dental work you are in need to get done. We are deeply satisfied and they have won lifetime patients with me and the members of my family. They are simply, the best dental professionals in Costa Rica. You will be in the best hands.

  • I traveled from the Untied States to Dr. Mariano Kriebel’s office for some much needed dental work. It was an amazing experience, something I never thought I would say about dental work. During the two weeks I was in Costa Rica I visited Dr. Kriebel’s office three times. I never had to wait, the office was incredibly clean, the staff attentive and Dr. Kriebel had the lightest touch of any dentist I’d ever visited. My dental work consisted of replacement of old amalgams and crowns that I had done when I was in my early 20’s. He is an amazing Dentist, I was prepared for pain and discomfort and had none! Dr Kriebel is very honest, I was told I needed two root canals before my visit to his clinic. He throughly examined these teeth and saw no need for root canals. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and I now have a beautiful smile. I will travel to Dr. Kriebel’s office for any future dental needs.

  • I am extremely happy and grateful with the services delivered by Dr. Mariano Kriebel, Dr. Ricardo Kriebel and the team of professionals who assist them. When I visited my dentist in United States I was told that my case was difficult and costly which lead me to search for answers in Costa Rica -my native country-. My relatives, who have been patients of Kriebel Dental for decades, referred me to the clinic. From the first call I made the service was excellent, they took the time to listen to me and explained what the procedure was going to be. I was scheduled for two weeks and everything was completed as it was planned. The whole treatment went painless and the work performed exceptional.

  • It is a pleasure to recommend unconditionally Kriebel Dental for all your dental needs. I have been under their care and guidance for over 45 years. This is a four-generation practice! The services provided have always been outstanding and of the highest quality, their personal well-trained, prompt and courteous, their standards excellent without exception. No doubt you will be satisfied and comfortable, as I have been over the years, in the hands of these professionals.

  • The team at Kriebel Dental did a thorough job of diagnosing and explaining my rare dental condition. Dra Ana Lucia Pérez, the endodontics specialist, discussed all treatment options with me, and recommended a conservative approach that would cause as little trauma as possible to the affected tooth. She then turned over the actual treatment to oral surgeon Dr Mauricio Fonseca and dentist Dr Mariano Kriebel, who worked closely together during a single session to do the surgery and tooth restoration. I returned twice for Dr. Mariano to check on the results, and healing had progressed even faster than expected. I was grateful to everyone at Kriebel Dental for their professionalism, integrity, and skill.

  • I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciations to Kriebel Dental and their wonderful staff for the great professional treatment I received while I visited their dental clinic. I was truly amazed by the quality of the dental restorations and top-notch equipment. I must say that Dr. Ana Lucía Pérez truly turned my dreaded root canal experience more into a mother and child tender session, such a friendly and caring professional.

  • Sin duda alguna, Kriebel Dental es el mejor centro dental en el que haya estado de todos los lugares en que he vivido, incluyendo 6 estados en EUA, Japón, los países bajos y México. Toda la experiencia puede calificarse como sobresaliente. En resumen, cada aspecto de mi experiencia en Kriebel Dental fue excelente. Los recomiendo a todo el mundo –familia, amigos, colegas, etc.

  • He sido paciente de la clínica durante muchos años y el servicio que he recibido siempre ha sido afectuoso, puntual, y con un sentido muy especial de responsabilidad y calidad, el cual tanto agradecemos mi esposa y yo. Nos han tratado dentistas en diferentes partes del mundo, y el servicio que nos han proporcionado en la Clínica Kriebel Dental ha sido sin duda el mejor. Los recomiendo sin reservas.

  • Hemos tenido el privilegio de ser pacientes de los médicos Kriebel Rodríguez y Kriebel Coronado, por lo que podemos dar fe de su profesionalidad y rigor ético que, acompañado de una sólida formación académica y experiencia, hacen de su Clínica un extraordinario centro de salud oral. Ahora, con la participación del Dr. Mariano, la Clínica Kriebel Dental adquiere una dimensión difícil de igualar en cuanto a los servicios que prestan a la sociedad.

  • Me siento muy bien de haber elegido recibir tratamiento dental por parte del Dr. Mariano Kriebel de Costa Rica. Necesitaba un implante dental, así como reemplazar mis coronas; estas son las coronas más hermosas que he tenido y verdaderamente parecen dientes naturales. Cuando el Dr. Kriebel me dijo que el tratamiento tomaría 2 semanas, pensé que era imposible. Estaba segura de que pasaría la mayor parte del tiempo en el hotel, sintiendo dolor, pero ese no fue el caso: como utilizan tecnología de punta hubo menos trauma y una recuperación mucho más sencilla.

  • Mi relación con Kriebel Dental ha sido muy estrecha a través de los años, pues todos mis familiares han sido pacientes de cuatro generaciones de dentistas Kriebel. El tratamiento de restauración que me han proporcionado ha sido excelente. Como he vivido parte de mi vida en el extranjero, he sido tratada por dentistas en otros países también, especialmente de los Estados Unidos, quienes admiran el trabajo que Kriebel Dental ha realizado en mi boca, hasta el punto de, incluso, fotografiarlo y compartirlo con sus colegas.

  • Estoy muy feliz y agradecida con Kriebel Dental por el tratamiento dental que me han brindado a mí y a mi familia durante más de 50 años. En mi caso, he sido tratada con implantes dentales; coronas y puentes; estética dental y endodoncia, y me he sentido extremadamente complacida con los resultados, en cuanto a calidad, durabilidad, atención personalizada, excelente servicio y seguimiento. Recomiendo los servicios de Kriebel Dental para sus necesidades dentales.

  • Mi experiencia en la Clínica Kriebel Dental fue excepcional. El Dr. Mariano Kriebel y el Dr. Ricardo Kriebel tienen excelentes credenciales y su tratamiento al paciente fue muy superior a cualquiera que haya experimentado previamente. Tuve un reemplazo de coronas y estas son perfectas. Estoy extremadamente contenta con esta experiencia y la atención profesional. Todos en la clínica son muy amables y hacen un esfuerzo extra para que la visita sea agradable. Definitivamente acudiré a la Clínica Kriebel Dental para futuros tratamientos dentales.

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