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Kriebel Dental offers dental treatments that radically change the lives of our patients

At Kriebel Dental we know that a healthy and beautiful smile is synonymous of confidence, feeling good about you and knowing that your mouth, jaw and teeth will be in good conditions for many years.

Ever since we founded our dental clinic in 1894 thousands of satisfied patients have received diversity of dental treatments, always completed with a responsible and reliable approach by our experts in dentistry.

Let’s review some of the dental procedures and dental esthetics treatments that we have made, to confirm that it is possible to smile again after suffering severe dental problems.

Periodontal disease treated with a supported hybrid denture and dental implants

Recently we treated a patient suffering from severe periodontal disease (affected gums, loss of tissue, etc.) and severe bone loss; he finally required the removal of all of his teeth.

As part of our integral service to our patients, we did a thorough appraisal prior to establish an accurate diagnosis. In this case we decided to attack the problem by placing a supported hybrid denture, connected to dental implants.

The same day the dental implants were placed the patient returned home with a radical change in his mouth; a work we are very proud of and that give us recognition in > and abroad as a dental clinic that applies modern, effective and affordable treatments. This was the final result:

Aesthetic dental treatments in Costa Rica

Aesthetic dental treatments in Costa Rica

Dental reconstruction for a patient with ectodermal dysplasia

A patient with ectodermal dysplasia came to us because the disease severely affects the teeth, as well as skin, nails, hair and glands.

Those people who suffer from ectodermal dysplasia usually must undergo a complete dental reconstruction to chew without problems and smile without any complex.

Our solution for this patient was to use dental implants and ceramic crowns, these last ones placed on the remaining teeth.

Radical; that´s how we can describe the change of the teeth structure which this person received in our dental clinic. This is the final result:

Aesthetic dental treatments in Costa Rica

Aesthetic dental treatments in Costa Rica

What distinguishes Kriebel Dental?

After more than 120 years changing lives, at Kriebel Dental is still a priority to provide quality dental treatments and a service ruled under high ethical values.

In our section ‘Successful Dental Works’ you can get to know other successful dental treatments performed by our dentistry experts;  procedures that radically changed the lives of our patients.

For more information about our dentistry services write to us through our Contact section or call us at Tel: +506 2290-3939,  Tel. U.S.A.: +1 (305) 767-2012, Skype: kriebeldental

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