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From the threshold of a smile…

Not only is a positive attitude towards life reflected behind a smile but also, the confidence that is manifested in proper dental health. This involves not only the aesthetic appearance of well configured white teeth, but also optimal conditions of parts of the mouth such as gums, jawbone, good or bad density of bacteria in internal tissues and other features that can never go unnoticed for the professional in dentistry.

More than 100 years of experience solving dental health problems

As dental professionals, we credit ourselves with over a century of history, of successfully serving hundreds of domestic and foreign customers with the most diverse and varied dental health problems, some minor, others more serious and many cases of enormous complexity. These people can testify for significant changes in their personal, social and labor relations by successfully crossing the threshold of pain, discomfort and difficult moments, facing their daily lives more sure of themselves taking advantage of the marvelous advances Kriebel Dental Clinic offers in the area of ​​oral health and cosmetic dentistry, so often ignored by simple negligence or lack of oral prevention.

Proper prevention and good oral health habits will avoid future problems

Prevention and good habits are extremely important to preserve good dental health that can successfully overcome the passage of time, and the risk of infections, apart from the correction of defects that are sometimes inherited or the result from a combination of interrelated causes.
If good dental habits and prevention has been the case of those who read our blog, then, an urgent need to go to the dentist is improbable, except for the recommended visit twice a year. Otherwise, our professionals in dentistry are 100% able to give prompt attention to every case that comes to our office with state of the art dental tools and a strong team of specialists in implant surgery, oral, endodontics, prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and other branches that are part of the daily challenges that proves our dedication and service.
During decades of experience, we have been perfecting our procedures and rules, always striving for maximum performance of our dental services, from the simplest dental cosmetics, to cases of high complexity.

A dental service that meets the needs of individuals and companies

Furthermore, aware of the financial factor involved that sometimes creates an unavoidable worry when treatment starts, we offer an affordable and complete business dental package covering a range of applications depending on the situation and urgency of each case, such as, clinical examinations, diagnosis, prophylaxis, dental cleaning, etc. These packages were created under the strictest norms and as closely as possible to the minimum rates required by the Association of Professionals in Dentistry.

More than a series of certifications hanging on our walls that rightly speak of long hours of hard work and our spirit of dedication to the service of others, it encourages us to know that every time someone comes out of our dental clinic, the next morning, in front of the mirror that you can smile at life with a true sense of satisfaction and happiness.

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