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Dental Tourism

Advantages of having Kriebel Dental care in Costa Rica

 Costa Rica has created the perfect combination of natural beauty and adequate infrastructure to offer you the highest standard in dental tourism. In 2008, approximately 25,000 patients traveled to Costa Rica to receive medical and dental treatment, most of whom came from the United States.

Costa Rica offers competitive prices, modern facilities and the dedication of our top health professionals. The benefits of medical and dental tourism is growing, and Kriebel Dental in Costa Rica is part of the growth.

Kriebel Dental is accredited by the top organizations in charge of certifying dental clinics in the United States, such as the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, the American Dental Association, and the American College of Prosthodontics.


Our Patient Coordinator will assist you with any travel arrangements you will need.

Kriebel Dental offers convenient lodging & transportation options to patients.
All lodging options provide special prices to Kriebel Dental Clinic & and are all within 5-10 minute walking distance from the clinic.

Kriebel Dental also offers options for tours in Costa Rica, to escape for a few days of vacation during your stay!

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Kriebel Dental has 11 quality certifications.

Strategic location:

A few flight hours separate United States from Costa Rica. Kriebel Dental is close to the main airports and tourist attractions.


In 2015 we were certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.


Specialists at Kriebel Dental graduated from the most recognized universities in Costa Rica and United States, such as Indiana University and The Ohio State University.

Treatment prices:

In Costa Rica, dental treatment prices are up to 2 times less than in United States.

Kriebel Dental Specialties:

We are experts in Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry (Prosthodontics), Dental Implants, Root Canal Treatments (Endodontics), Gum disease treatment (Periodontics) and Oral Surgery.

Kriebel Dental is accredited by the most
important international organizations

Frequent Questions

Are there any hotels near the Kriebel Dental Clinic?

Yes, the Kriebel Dental Clinic is very close to several important hotels. We have a cooperation agreement with most of them for helping our patients

Is Kriebel Dental near the Costa Rican airports?

Yes, we are a few minutes away from the Juan Santamaría International Airport, the main Costa Rican airport

Are there any transport services to the Kriebel Dental Clinic?

Yes, the hotels recommended by Kriebel Dental help us with transportation for the greater convenience of our patients

Are there any tourist attractions close to the Kriebel Dental Clinic?

Yes, we are located a few minutes from downtown San Jose, the capital, where important theaters, restaurants, souvenir shops, market places and museums are located, among many other attractions

  • Hello All, if you're looking for a professional top notch dental experience, look no further. All the positive reviews you've read on here are true. I took a chance and made the trip from California, where I was having concerns regarding the quality of dental care available and the prices being charged. Per my dentist in California, I had 4 cavities and needed a crown. Dr. Kriebel's office is in a nice central location facing a park. It's immaculate and comfortable with state of the art equipment. Support staff were polite, courteous, and patient with my limited Spanish. Dr. Kriebel himself is a kind, gracious, dedicated, highly-trained dentist that values his multi-generational family practice and takes great pride in providing honorable and excellent patient care. I opted for a full set of mouth X-rays, after which I received a careful and thorough cleaning by the dental hygienist. This was followed by a complete examination and consultation by Dr. Kriebel at which time my X-rays were reviewed and discussed and all my questions and concerns were addressed to my complete satisfaction. After all was said and done, I was pleased to discover my teeth were in great shape and I didn't need any more work. That's right...no cavities, no crown, nada. So there you have it. I value integrity. I believe Dr. Kriebel is a person of integrity and that's why I was led to him. I received excellent care at a fair price considerably cheaper that in the US. I was treated with respect and not misled and deceived like I was by my dentist back in the US. I left feeling I had been well taken care of. I spent the next week travelling around the country-icing on the cake! Will I go back? Yes, in a heartbeat. Muchas Gracias to Dr. Kriebel and his staff.

  • We would like to recommend Dr. Mariano Kriebel of San Jose, Costa Rica, to anyone needing an excellent dentist. After learning we needed extensive dental work (6 crowns between us), we were fortunate to locate Dr. Kriebel on “Patients Without Borders” on the internet. He is a graduate of Ohio State University’s School of Dentistry and the fourth generation of dentists at Kriebel Dental Clinic. He is also a member of the American Dental Association, so he can provide the A.D.A procedure codes if you plan to file with your insurance company. He and his staff were friendly and accommodating, and they worked extremely quickly and efficiently. He is a perfectionist and even saved several teeth that most dentists would not have attempted to save (because insurance would not pay for the extra effort). Crowns need to be ground during the fitting process, and with their own onsite lab and manufacturing facility, they fire the crowns a second time in their kiln after fitting to reseal the surface from the grinding, and also to bond the custom tinting that they do, into the surface of the crown. And the out of pocket cost was a fraction of the cost in the United States. We could not be more impressed or satisfied with Dr. Kriebel’s skill level and dedication.

  • At Kriebel Dental the only that you can receive is efficiency, accuracy and excellent service. We traveled specifically from USA to their office to treat a relative and the performance of Dr. Mariano Kriebel was beyond our expectations. I highly recommend this clinic for any kind of dental work you are in need to get done. We are deeply satisfied and they have won lifetime patients with me and the members of my family. They are simply, the best dental professionals in Costa Rica. You will be in the best hands.

  • I traveled from the Untied States to Dr. Mariano Kriebel’s office for some much needed dental work. It was an amazing experience, something I never thought I would say about dental work. During the two weeks I was in Costa Rica I visited Dr. Kriebel’s office three times. I never had to wait, the office was incredibly clean, the staff attentive and Dr. Kriebel had the lightest touch of any dentist I’d ever visited. My dental work consisted of replacement of old amalgams and crowns that I had done when I was in my early 20’s. He is an amazing Dentist, I was prepared for pain and discomfort and had none! Dr Kriebel is very honest, I was told I needed two root canals before my visit to his clinic. He throughly examined these teeth and saw no need for root canals. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and I now have a beautiful smile. I will travel to Dr. Kriebel’s office for any future dental needs.

  • I am extremely happy and grateful with the services delivered by Dr. Mariano Kriebel, Dr. Ricardo Kriebel and the team of professionals who assist them. When I visited my dentist in United States I was told that my case was difficult and costly which lead me to search for answers in Costa Rica -my native country-. My relatives, who have been patients of Kriebel Dental for decades, referred me to the clinic. From the first call I made the service was excellent, they took the time to listen to me and explained what the procedure was going to be. I was scheduled for two weeks and everything was completed as it was planned. The whole treatment went painless and the work performed exceptional.

  • It is a pleasure to recommend unconditionally Kriebel Dental for all your dental needs. I have been under their care and guidance for over 45 years. This is a four-generation practice! The services provided have always been outstanding and of the highest quality, their personal well-trained, prompt and courteous, their standards excellent without exception. No doubt you will be satisfied and comfortable, as I have been over the years, in the hands of these professionals.

  • The team at Kriebel Dental did a thorough job of diagnosing and explaining my rare dental condition. Dra Ana Lucia Pérez, the endodontics specialist, discussed all treatment options with me, and recommended a conservative approach that would cause as little trauma as possible to the affected tooth. She then turned over the actual treatment to oral surgeon Dr Mauricio Fonseca and dentist Dr Mariano Kriebel, who worked closely together during a single session to do the surgery and tooth restoration. I returned twice for Dr. Mariano to check on the results, and healing had progressed even faster than expected. I was grateful to everyone at Kriebel Dental for their professionalism, integrity, and skill.

  • I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciations to Kriebel Dental and their wonderful staff for the great professional treatment I received while I visited their dental clinic. I was truly amazed by the quality of the dental restorations and top-notch equipment. I must say that Dr. Ana Lucía Pérez truly turned my dreaded root canal experience more into a mother and child tender session, such a friendly and caring professional.

  • Without a doubt, Kriebel Dental is the BEST dental facility I have EVER been to ANYWHERE that I have lived, including six states in the US, Japan, The Netherlands and Mexico. Across the board, I have never encountered such a stellar combination of attributes in one dentist: Scholar-level education and training, polished, adept and PAINLESS clinical skills, experience borne from a 100-year lineage of dentists, and unparalleled, patient-centered treatment ethics. Bar none, Kriebel Dental is in a league of their own. In summary, every single aspect about my experience with Kriebel Dental was excellent. I recommend them to everyone-family, friends, colleagues, etc. At a time where the state of medicine in the US is questionable, this was a breath of fresh air and really has renewed my faith that there are health care professionals who take pride in their work, and truly care about their patients. For these professional’s patient well-being IS THE BOTTOM LINE.

  • I have been a patient of the clinic for many years and the service I have received has always been caring, punctual, and with a very special sense of responsibility and quality that both myself and my wife are very grateful for. We have been treated by dentists in different parts of the world, and the service that we have been provided in Dr. Kriebel ‘s clinic has been without a doubt the best. I recommend them without reservations.

  • We’ve been privileged to be patients of doctors Kriebel Rodríguez and Kriebel Coronado, so we can attest their professionalism and ethical rigor which, accompanied by a strong academic background and experience, make of their Clinic a truly extraordinary oral health center. Now, with the involvement of Dr. Mariano, the Kriebel Clinic acquires a dimension difficult to match regarding the services they provide to our society.

  • I feel very good about my choice to have dental work done by Dr. Mariano Kriebel in Costa Rica. I needed a dental implant as well as my crowns replaced with a full set of E-max crowns. They are the most beautiful crowns that I have ever had. They truly look like natural teeth. When Dr. Kriebel told me that it would take 2 weeks, I thought it was impossible. I was sure that I would be spending most of the time in my hotel room and in pain. But that was not the case. Since they use state of the art technology, there was much less trauma and a much easier recovery. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to get out everyday to explore San Jose and the beautiful beach at Manuel Antonio. The service provided by Dr. Kriebel and the entire staff was excellent. I found Dr. Kriebel’s name when I looked for a certified prosthodontist and I was not disappointed. The office is modern with a calming “Feng Shui” atmosphere. The location is very convenient and the view of Parque La Sabana from my dental chair was lovely. As you can see, I have many positive things to share about my patient experience. Your prospective patients are welcome to contact me.

  • My relashionship with Kriebel Dental has been very close through the years, as my whole family have been patients of four generations of Kriebel dentists. They have treated me, my grandparents, my parents, my sisters, my husband, my nephews, my children and even my grandchildren. I have been a Kriebel patient for the last 40 years. The restorative treatment they have provided has been without parallel, excellence at its best. As I have lived part of my life overseas, I have been treated by dentists in other countries also, specially in the United States, and they have always admired the Kriebel work in my mouth, to the point of even photographing it and sharing it with their colleagues. I am very satisfied with the dental treatment I have received over the years and recommend Kriebel Dental without reservations.

  • I am very happy and grateful with Kriebel Dental for the dental treatment they have provided me and my family for over 50 years. In my case, I have been treated with dental implants, crowns and bridges, cosmetic dentistry and endodontics, and have been extremely pleased with the results, as far as quality, durability, personalized atention, excellent service and follow up. I highly recommend Kriebel Dental for your dental needs.

  • My experience at Kriebel Dental Clinic was exceptional. Dr. Mariano Kriebel and Dr. Ricardo Kriebel have excellent credentials and their patient treatment was far superior to any that I had previously experienced. I had crowns replaced and they are perfect. I am extremely happy with the experience and the professional care. Everyone at the Clinic is so friendly and makes an extra effort to make your visit pleasant. I will definitely go to the Kriebel Dental Clinic for future dental care.

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